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5 Weeks of Giveaways - Week #4

Heya guys! I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get this 4th giveaway up and running! I certainly have not forgotten. Over the past few weeks I have really been battling sickness while simultaneously dealing with some family issues. Both of these factors have really sucked up a good bit of my time and managing a giveaway was just more than I could handle. Long story to say the fourth giveaway is now up and running and the winner will be contacted once all the entries are in via email! Good Luck!

Happy Christmas Eve - Win 12 Fragrance Oils!!

Woo hoo! It's Christmas Eve and I TOTALLY forgot to post the Rafflecopter on Sunday for the third installment of 5 weeks of giveaways. Nice, Katie. Way to go. But to make up for my poor memory, I actually changed how many fragrance oils to giveaway! Instead of 10, I'm doing 12! Yippee!! Enter using the widget below and good luck to all! :D

Fragrance Oils

Bramble Berry - Cedar and Amber
Bramble Berry - Cocoa Butter Cashmere
Bramble Berry - Clover and Aloe
Crafter's Choice - Aqua Spa
Crafter's Choice - White Tea
Crafter's Choice - Oakmoss
Crafter's Choice - Black Tie
Crafter's Choice - Absinthe
Nurture Soap - Blue Cotton Candy
Nurture Soap - Clean Laundry

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