Sunday, March 23, 2014

Royal Review ❖ Missouri River Soaps

As many of you know, I plan to do a review once a month for a special soap company that was hand-picked by yours truly. I wanted to create a spotlight for others and their work and will thus be featuring 12 different bath and beauty companies from around the world. So, without further ado, welcome March's review.

 Missouri River Soaps

I first watched Holly Bailey, the Princess of Rainbows, on YouTube about a year ago after searching for other soap artists who filmed. Granted, she's one of the first results if you type in the phrase "soap making" and isn't hard to find so don't consider my discovery a grand feat. I don't remember what she was creating that day, but her sweet voice and calming nature really grabbed me and I've been an avid viewer since that day. Her soaps just look like smoothies! Every time. Every single time I see them I think about smoothies. She kindly agreed to send me some products to review and when I found that delightful package in the mail, oh how I squealed!!

Here's what I got.


Holly's wrapping is adorable. The white paper feels like a sturdier version of parchment paper. What I loved is that some of the glitter fr's wrapom the blue tissue paper clung to the white and made it sparkly too! The ribbons were secured by the information sticker so the ends weren't showing. Her labels are glossy and very professional and made me feel very special and pampered. PLUS, I got a special little love not from the Princess of Rainbows that made my day. (Mom says hi back!)

Cutest little owlett!

Not a tear in that packaging!

Sweet Holly's note!

My gorgeous treasure trove!

Fragrance and Ingredients

F i g g y  C r e a m - This was Mumsy's favorite! As I have never really smelled a ripe fig, who was I whether or not to judge if the name is accurate? BUT, Mother says it was very similar. I thought it smelled absolutely divine and kinda reminds me of a romantic, unisex fragrance. It's warm, inviting, and comforting. The ingredients are listed on the circle sticker. (Yay! Saving me some typing!)

R a i n b o w - PEARS! That's what I smell! Candied, yummy, delightful, succulent, dripping pears with sugar and candy! The first time I smelled this fragrance, I almost died from sheer delight! Mum and Father adored it and have begged me to purchase something like it. I'm just ridiculously in love with it and it's also popular among the kiddos and adults over here at White Grange Academy. ;) 

P a t c h o u l i  R a i n - Imagine the Renaissance times! Fair ladies, knights in armor, tournaments, festival days, flower garlands, elaborate jewelry, and essential oils from the apothecary! All of the glory and wonder of days gone by! THAT'S what this fragrance is in a nutshell. It's enchanting and beautiful with woodsy notes and an organic, natural undertone. It's fantastic and perfect for those who enjoy a less fruity smell but love gorgeous colors! 

Quality and Performance

All of the Missouri River soaps I tried feel and act the same which is....bubble moisture galore! The lather is soft and makes you feel like you've bathed with butter. (minus the greasiness, of course.) I couldn't complain about anything in these bars if you PAID me too. They're perfect! The colors are vivid, beautiful, and bright. The fragrance is so so strong and the bars are luscious on the skin. No running of the colors, all bars are very very hard and almost have a slippery feel without even being wet. I can totally tell she used cream. No dry feeling after your shower and I didn't even have to use lotion!


Buy Holly's soap. That is my conclusion. You will not be disappointed! They are so inexpensive considering the fact that they are 6-7 ounces each and last forever. The Princess of Rainbows has mastered the art of packaging and makes her customers feel warm and loved on! Buy the soap. Just buy the soap.

Thanks everyone for reading now go forth and purchase some of Holly's soaps! She doesn't have a coupon available for you because her soaps sell out so fast as it is! Now is your chance! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Royal Review ❖ Eden's Secret

As many of you know, I plan to do a review once a month for a special soap company that was hand-picked by yours truly. I wanted to create a spotlight for others and their work and will thus be featuring 12 different bath and beauty companies from around the world. So, without further ado, welcome February's review.

Eden's Secret

Mrs. Karen was one of the first soap makers I ever came into contact with on the internet. After a cursory YouTube soap making search, the channel "EdensSecret1" popped up with a picture of a beautifully designed logo as the profile picture. I'm so glad I decided to check out the channel and have found countless hours of entertainment in watching her pipe soap cupcakes and bath bomb cupcakes. However, I could not afford the shipping costs from the UK to America. Only just recently was there a sale in which free shipping was offered and of course I had to experience the goodness for myself!

I should note that when I ordered, I simply purchased the Juicy Cute Bath Bomb and Holly Berry Soap Cupcake. Just two products, but the Holly Berry Soap Cupcakes were sold out so Karen sent me a different cupcake soap, 2 Holly Berry Cupcake Bases (same exact soap with no frosting), 2 body butter samples, and a whole entire Cashmere Cream Creme Soap slice as an apology! Talk about service! I was thrilled to death and honestly, I only wanted that cupcake to smell it and since I got TWO bases, mission accomplished!

Here's what I got

The packaging for Eden's Secret is very nice! All of the larger products including the soap cupcakes and cupcake bath bombs came in their own cellophane bag with a double-colored ribbon tie and unique label. All ingredients are clearly listed on a sticky label stuck to the bottom of each product except for the two sample body butters I received. The labels even have a cute little union flag (It's not a Union Jack unless it's on a ship, just a fun fact.)


Juicy Cute Bubble Bath Cupcake - This was crazy fragrant! The bathroom still smelled of fruity/floral yumminess hours after I used the bomb. I totally mean it. Everyone in my family (meaning at least 5 people, including both of the adults I live with) commented on how fragrant and delightful it is!
Cashmere Cream Soap Bar - This one is very nice! A soft, powdery fragrance. It reminds me of an older fragrance and Mother says it smells like a perfume her aunt used to wear. I can see why this is a best seller!
Holly Berry Soap Cupcake Bases - Woah. Just....woah. These smell DELIGHTFUL! You know how everyone wants that bit of piney woods fragrance without being overpowering? Well, that's what this smells like with a few other top notes that what smells kinda like a floral and maybe a clean scent. it's very complex and I'm sure I've just butchered the description.
Chantilly Lace Body Butter - This smells like a fancy lady who spends a lot of money on her toilette. The fragrance description on the Eden's Secret website is "A Beautiful and feminine creamy fragrance, with Soft Amber, Very Soft Musk, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Vanilla, just decadent."
Fresh Feet and Body Butter - This one is minty and a total wake-up for you! Menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint and camphor are among the fragrances listed to scent this body butter but don't be afraid of that potent, overpowering mint fragrance. It's still nice and subtle and reminds me of cucumber melon mint from Bath and Body Works!
Red Sprinkles Cupcake Soap - My family and I didn't particularly like this one, to tell you the truth. It wasn't strong enough and didn't really have a specific fragrance. Maybe the soap is a little old? I don;t really know, but "hot pomegranate" is the advertised fragrance...and I'm not smelling it really. Don;t get me wrong, it's a gorgeous cupcake still!

Quality and Performance

Juicy Cute Bubble Bath Cupcake - Worth every stinkin' penny I paid! The fizzy lasted about a minute under full blown water pressure from the tub nozzle and made a bubble bath that kept getting bigger and bigger and stayed for 10 minutes! My skin felt AMAZING afterwards and even my hair benefited from the oils!
Cashmere Cream Soap Bar - Lovely, works just like her other Creme Silk soaps and I find these so so creamy and moisturizing! Not a ton of bubbles unless you use a bath scrubby, but I didn't even care!

Holly Berry Soap Cupcake Bases - These are awesome! The one thing I think is really noteworthy is that the red did stain my tub and make the lather very very colored. I thought the colored lather was super fun, but my brother who has to clean the shower complained about the dye! haha
Chantilly Lace Body Butter - Now, I don't use body butter as a rule. I am a lotion girl, but this one has me rethinking my preferences in this area. I loved it! The cream left my skin smelling marvelous and feeling beyond nourished. I have very chapped skin, especially in the winter and this did the trick in one application! I hope I can stretch the sample a long, long way!

Fresh Feet and Body Butter - Applied this one to my footsies and actually felt envigorated and ready to get stuff done! I don;t know if essential oils are present, but it certainly had a rejuvenating effect on me! Just as moisturizing as the other one!
Red Sprinkles Cupcake Soap - Worked like a charm! Again, the lather was colored, but this one didn't stain the tub! The fragrance got strong once I cut the soap in half! 

Eden's Secret is a package deal! While I am most drawn to the design of Mrs. Karen's products, the soaps and body creams deliver quality and skin loving goodness too! The fragrances are fabulous and her recipes are clearly mastered. I really have no complaints. Check out all of the delightful things at the links below!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Lathered Pony Soap Company Review

As many of you know, I plan to do a review once a month for a special soap company that was hand-picked by yours truly. I wanted to create a spotlight for others and their work and will thus be featuring 12 different bath and beauty companies from around the world. So, without further ado, welcome January's review.

Lathered Pony Soap Company

I first saw Patricia's soaps on Facebook as I cruised through my feed. Bramble Berry picked "Moon Rising" as their Photo of the Week and I was positively gobsmacked. I knew at once I had to review her. 

Moon Rising
Patricia has been making soaps for one year. One. Year. People, that's incredible. I have never seen anyone make soaps this beautiful, this ornate after only one year of practice. It's beyond impressive.

I was sent 3 different bars, one of which, to my utter delight, was Moon Rising. Also included in the adorable package was Red Velvet, a cupcake soap, and Berrylicious, another lovely Artisan Bar.

Red Velvet Cupcake


The packaging for Patrica's products is top notch. The cupcake came in a treat bag, complete with 2 cleverly concealed holes for sniffing the chocolatey fragrance inside. The bars were covered in what appears to be saran-wrap, a perfectly tied ribbon holding a  handmade label in place. The label is lovely and the white dots on the pony's tale and mane are textured. Inside, ingredients are listed and on the back is Patricia's email and phone number so you can contact this soapy creator if you need more!

beautiful, perfect packaging
"scent hole"
adorable labels


All of the soaps sent to me were SUPER fragrant. I could smell the goodness through the packaging of all three products. Moon rising was like nothing I've ever smelled before and it's no wonder! Patricia made a fabulous concoction of 3 different fragrance oils to get the scent it it's just straight up awesome! Very clean and lovely! Red Velvet...smells exactly like red velvet cake. I really can't get over it. Berrylicious is fruity and yummy. Again, this one was custom blended so I can't nail it specifically. To me, it smells of cherries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. It's utter divinity!

Weight and Specifics

Ingredients in the Red Velvet Cupcake - Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm and Palm Kernal Oil, Castor Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocoa Butter, Fragrance, Color, Tussah Silk
Ingredients in Moon Rising - Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Color, Tussah Silk
Ingredients in Berrylicious - Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Color, Tussah Silk 

Soap bars weigh around 5 ounces and soap cupcakes weigh around 6. Nothing was damaged in shipping and everything arrived within 2 days of the shipping notification.

Quality and Performance

Red Velvet Soap Cupcake - WOW! The scent actually stuck to my skin a little! Everyone in my fam thought this soap had an unusually moisturizing property too it, rare in a soap bar. The lather was creamy, bubbly, and smooth all at the same time and the texture was like slippery and silky! Top notch!

Moon Rising -  Now, I loved this one even though I thought the lather was less moisturizing. I used it for shaving and loved the results. You can't get over the scent, it's just awesome, even though I couldn't smell it on me much afterwards. Hey, that's what lotion is for, right? ;)

Berrylicious - This one is beyond amazing! The fragrance stuck to my skin even after i got out of the shower! I love the little poppy seeds! Couldn't ask for a better bar, you really couldn't!

If I could say one thing about the Lathered Pony Soap Company, it would be that the impeccable details make these products absolute must haves. Seriously, everything comes together so neatly that it makes the entire experience the closest to perfection you're going to get. The owner and master-crafter is sweet and friendly, the soaps are fragrant and feel beautiful on your skin, they are masterpieces to look at. You can't go wrong.

Here's a great thing. Lathered Pony Soap Company is offering Royalty Soaps readers and subscribers a percentage discount at their store! Woopee! Just type in "PONY" for 20% off your entire order! WOW!

                                       E m a i l -
                        P h o n e - 406-763-4800

So, what do you think? Will you try Lathered Pony Soap? You should!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2,000 Subscriber Giveaway and Happy New Year!

Oh man, this post is a long time coming. I have been a bad little squirrel when it comes to filming recently. What with holidays and vacation and travel, I just haven't found the time to sit down and film/edit properly AND I've been promising this giveaway forever and it was originally supposed to be for 1,000 YouTube subscribers. Well....we're a little past that and here I sit on New Year's Eve with no video uploaded so...yup. A blog post will have to suffice.

Okay, okay. I'll skip straight to the good stuff. There are TWO prizes!

3 Artisan Soap Bars (Holiday Cheer, Winter Garden, and North and South)
2 Luxury Bath Bomb Cupcakes (Peppermint and Coconut Lime Verbena)
2 Cocoa Butter Bath Fizzies (Midnight Pomegranate and Forbidden Love)
1 Triple Butter Creme Soap Cake Slice (Black Raspberry Vanilla)

1 Artisan Soap Bar (Holiday Cheer)
1 Cocoa Butter Bath Fizzies (Midnight Pomegranate)
2 Sample Bars (It's a surprise!)
There you go! It's a pretty big giveaway and I'm just thrilled to death that I can offer it. Now, a very happy New Year to you and yours and I hope to see you around! There are some mighty big things happening around Royalty Soaps in 2014. I'll be sharing my New Year's resolutions and announcements soon, hopefully on the 11th.