A Rant About Glycerin Tunnels

Alright. It's about time I ranted about these. Anybody who makes soap on a regular basis has probably encountered glycerin tunnels in their soap. Now, some people embrace these as part of soap-making and kudos to them for being so content and easy to get along with. Oh, qualities I wish I had! Anywho, I've had a real problem lately with these. It hasn't mattered whether the fragrance had vanilla or not, they STILL show up! Now I have noticed that it only happens when my soap goes through gel phase, but as far as fragrance is concerned, I've had those blasted tunnels in everything from

 Chanel No. 5

 to Warm Vanilla Sugar 

to Australian Bamboo

So my question to readers is this, what has been your experiences concerning glycerin tunnels? Do they bother you? Have you figured out what causes yours? If so, how do you avoid them? Because they BOTHER me!


  1. Glycerin tunnels does not bother me at all. I have noticed that my soaps get them if the soap goes through gel face really quickly. Most of times it is when I use peanut oil or fruit or vegetables as additives.

    1. Hmmm...my soaps do gel rather quickly sometimes! This might be a cause fore sure! Thanks so much! :)

  2. I am not fond of them... but oh well, they happen ;). In our German soaping forum, we found out that with titanium dioxide/some pigments/clays and a hot gel phase, it's very likely that you get them. Some additives enhance gelling, e.g. silk, honey and certain fragrances. So, if you avoid this combo, you will avoid the tunnels :).

  3. That is FABULOUS advice! No more gelling for me for awhile as I experiment with the additives! Thanks so so much for commenting!


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