Amy Warden's Soap Challenge - Week 4

1. Challenge description:

Leopard Spots. Amy says  "Leopard spotted soap is created by piping contrasting lines of soap in a particular pattern so that when the soap is cut, it will look like leopard spots! At the very least you will need one color for the base of the soap (could be white or uncolored), one color for the center of the “spot” and another color for the outside of the “spot”. So, I gathered my supplies and hopped on it!

2. Scent description and color choices

I used the Davidoff "Cool Water" dupe. It smells marvelous and is so easy to work with! For colors I used, Titanium Dioxide, Neon Blue, Chromium Green from Bramble Berry, and Neon Blue. I also used 24 kt gold mica for a very very small mica line.

3. Any problems I might have faced in the process

Well, first of all, my soap doesn't actually have leopard spots, so that's a problem! LOL Here's what I think happened. The white soap which I poured on the leopard spot lines was too thick and heavy. When i poured it on top, it rather "knocked over" the lines I had just made. I also made the lines too thick. So, the soap doesn't look perfect, unfortunately. But hey, I learned! I do plan on doing this technique again and hopefully next time the soap will be a bit runnier!  

5. Picture of soap

So you can see between the dark blue a little splat of green, right? Well, that's a squashed leopard spot!

 Thanks to Amy Warden for this fabulous soap challenge! I had a blast!


  1. Maybe no leopard spots, but still a very beautiful soap. I like the combination of blue and the golden mica line.

  2. My leopard spots squashed too, but I think your soap turned out beautiful! Love the mica line in there!

  3. Definitely a beautiful soap any way you slice it! :) Great color choices & I'm loving that mica line too! Thank you for participating in the challenges!!

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