My Father Likes Blueberries So....

My dear father has a passion for little blue berries that grow on big bushes in the sandy, Texas soil. Even at his wedding, the groom's cake was not chocolate, but a blueberry cheesecake instead. Ever since I was quite small, every summer my family would load up our van, head over to a blueberry farm, and pick buckets of those juicy little fruits. We often returned with enough to last us the entire year and the outside freezer was packed full of freezer bags containing the bounty. As is tradition, my family went to pick last week.

Pen and Emmy ready for action!
The best friend and I in the bush

A sampling of our labor

Elisha is proud of is effort

looking a might sweaty ;)
After the satisfaction of harvesting, what else could I do but make a soap inspired by berry picking adventure? I started with my new mango butter recipe (It's totally creamy and yet still has a very high lather!) and added to that organic, fair-trade poppyseeds to 1/3 of the batch. To another third I added a blue colorant and to the last one I put in a touch of green. I used a blueberry fragrance that had 1% vanallin, but I wasn't taking any chances and went ahead with a stabilizer. Now, I tried to do a swirl (the mantra swirl) I've seen on the Soap Queen blog, but I failed rather miserably. Instead of staying behind the dividers, the oozing batter leaked into the sides and I have to count this a fail. Oh well. It was my first try. The top looks pretty cool, though!

After sticking this in the freezer to avoid gel, I mixed up the piping and left it unscented (no chance of discoloration!) I added TD and poppyseeds to one half  and a blue colorant to the other. I then piped the top in little plops, added seeds, glitter, and pearls, and topped each bar with a small glycerin soap circle. (not shown in pictures)

I had extra batter left over, so I used the excess from both the base and piping batch to make some nommy looking cupcakes! I can't wait to post pictures of these unmolded and cut!

Thanks very much for reading and we'll have some more pictures up soon!

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