Spiced Pumpkin Struesal

I'm feeling autumn right around the corner! I LOVE the fall! Naturally, I needed to make soaps inspired by my favorite time of year! I don't have videos for these seasonal bars, but I plan on filming a bit more in the coming weeks. With craft fairs and farmer's markets in the agenda for the next few months, I'll be making inventory like crazy!

Now here's a funny thing. I very much enjoy making soap with unique and interesting additives, though I don't do it very often. In this batch, I added not only shea and mango butter, as usual, but also all natural pumpkin puree. I've never soaped with pumpkin before, but after reading up on how to add it, I subtracted 3 oz of water from my original recipe and added 3 ounces of pumpkin at trace, as well as sodium lactate, kaolin clay, and titanium dioxide. I did a drop swirl. This was quite interesting because I had removed some soap prior to adding the FO for the orange bit, but did the white after adding the FO. How silly of me! Now all the white has glycerin soap tunnels and isn't really white at all. Oh well, looks pretty interesting after all. I knew that stopping gel phase would be pretty much impossible, (what with the naturally occurring sugar in pumpkin) so I only put this in the freezer for about an hour, just so the top wouldn't crack. Over all, the scent held up very well, the entire loaf smells divine, and I'm quite pleased with the piping, even if the stems are too thick.

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  1. Love the look of your soaps....like walking in a pumpkin patch!

  2. Katie, what a cool looking soap! The tops are just beautiful =)

  3. I really really love this one!! Beautiful!!

  4. Your piped toppers are spectacular! I have a question though, how do you keep the toppers from getting soda ash? I've done some super colorful piping recently, and it ended up being overwhelmed with soda ash in all of the little creases. :( I used steam on them, which helped a bit, but it still wasn't as beautiful as it was. Any tips?


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