No Make-Up November

As a young teenager, I wasn't allowed to wear much make-up. A little lip gloss on special occasions but that's about it. When I turned 16, mascara and tinted lip gloss were allowed and everything else a year later. I've been forever grateful to my mother for making me wait that long before I could step out into the world in full drag. I was annoyed then, but I see now just how truly beneficial it is. I've always had a tendency to overthink appearances and lean toward vanity. Mother helped me keep that in check and continued to remind me that beauty and worth come from within and from God.

However, once free of what I thought to be an annoying parental restriction, I went a little crazy with the face paint. Eventually found the niche I preferred; vintage. I LOVED IT. I still do. Winged liner, red lips, flawless foundation, what's not to like? I wore this look as my everyday, going out make-up style.

Of course, I also did crazy things, artsy things, vivid, ridiculous things. My face was a pallette, something to be re-imagined and re-created. I edited, airbrushed, filtered, touched-up, re-lit, etc. until my face looked nothing like me at all.

It is fashion, it is accepted. In a world of instagram and cutesy selfies, I was doing nothing out of the ordinary. After all, who doesn't want to look like a celebrity? Who HONESTLY thinks the naked face is better? Was I right? I said, WAS I RIGHT?

I was wrong. I was really wrong. Why? Because my heart and mind weren't in the right place. I was (and still struggle with being) so concerned about how I came across to people that I was willing to forfeit honesty. I was being self-focused and let media, fashion, and the world around me influence the way I viewed myself. Katie doesn't look like the pictures above. 

So, what's the fix? For me, it looks like taking a break from make-up. After much consideration and debate, I decided to participate in No-Makeup November. All blemishes and dark eyelids are now officially visible in my photographs, videos, and if you see me in person. Needless to say, my mother is thrilled. Finally, after years of her sweet and helpful guidance, something is beginning to click and pay off. Should everyone do this? Shoot, I have no idea. This post isn't to guilt or condemn anyone into doing anything. This is what I have decided to do, but that doesn't mean you should too. Will I still wear make-up after November? Yep, but I won't feel bad without it. Who knows, maybe I'll be called to quit all together.

How does this relate to Royalty Soaps? Well, as you, my reader and my subscribers see my face often, it kinda applies. Also, I make natural products. My soaps are free of the yucky stuff, preservatives, glycols, sulfates, blah-blah-blah. I daily take a stand for health and handcraft products that encourage people to feel loved and delightful. I want my friends and customers to know they are valuable and beautiful without having to smear foundation on every day. Every woman should be empowered with the confidence to step out into public shining and radiant irrespective of what they look like. 

My name is Katie White. My identity is found in God Almighty, not in my face, appearance, or the opinions of other people. I am loved regardless of the zit on my chin and the discoloration on my cheek. I am above the influence of our airbrushed culture and unattainable standard of physical beauty. I am taking a stand against self-absorption, vanity, narcissism, deceit, egotism and pride . This is my unaltered, no retouch, no lighting fix, no filter, genuine smile, no make-up face.


  1. I have been watching your videos for a while now and can't wait to try some of your soaps! I honestly think you look very beautiful even without makeup but you do look very different with makeup! Very Victorian-like! xoxo

  2. I want to join You in your stand!!!

  3. Touche for you Katie! You are beautiful inside and out, with or without make-up! Your mom is right, and you are right! It's all in balance. I gave my daughter the same guidelines and she went through the same faze with make-up, but she has settled down to the 'Natural' look......with just the right amount of make-up!
    I love your videos and I stand in awe of one so young and doing well in what she likes to do....soap! You have a great personality! Thx for all you show us!

  4. Amazing eyes.....I love the naturally look and I like your glamour style too.

  5. Good job girl-you rockin the natural God-given beauty! Here's a tip for you...while you take the month off makeup, take lots of B complex vitamins and drink extra water and your skin will thank you. My niece(15) and I did this last August to see if it would work (I have adult acne-never had it in my teens-go figure) and my face really calmed down and my nieces too. I LOVE my makeup, but also go to the store some days au naturel. It's all good:)

  6. Janet Stewart. South Africa.March 25, 2015 at 2:43 PM

    Beautiful inside and outside. X


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