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As many of you know, I plan to do a review once a month for a special soap company that was hand-picked by yours truly. I wanted to create a spotlight for others and their work and will thus be featuring 12 different bath and beauty companies from around the world. So, without further ado, welcome May's review.

Vibrant Soap

Sometimes, you just see someone's work and connect with them. You feel as if they understand you, they know what your mind finds beautiful. This is how I feel about Clyde Yoshida and Vibrant Soap. I first saw his soaps in the Soaping 101 Study Hall, my favorite place to peruse the gorgeous artwork of others. I was stunned and amazed! The swirls and colors were so vivid and...well...vibrant! So, this lucky girl contacted Mr. Yoshida and counted her blessings when he agreed to be a part of my 2014 Royal Reviews. I didn't know what I would be receiving, but golly, I was NOT disappointed.

Here's what is in the box!
Lemon Lime Sublime, Shower Scene, Cranberry Fig, Lavender Gems, Siracco
♥ No Animal Testing 


Each bar was individually wrapped in colorful tissue paper with a Vibrant Soap sticker holding the packaging together. The label on the front included ingredients, specific weights, and the Vibrant Soap website. There were not tears in the packaging and I could smell each bar straight through! The only minor thing to note is that the glycerin embeds on top of the Lavender Gems Artisan Soap bar did sweat a little causing the packaging to be a bit damp and allow the "crystals" to poke through. BUT, they weren't damaged a bit!


Shower Scene ~ A very clean, slightly floral fragrance with no green undertones. A touch of ozone, maybe? This is my second favorite!

Lemon Lime Sublime ~ Favorite fragrance! It smells like Mountain Dew or maybe 7-Up? I don't know but it's very potent and DIVINE!

Siracco ~  I'm going to say this is a very versatile, perfume/cologne type fragrance. It's kinda seductive smelling!

Cranberry Fig ~ This one didn't smell like cranberries or figs to me, but I can see why someone might say cranberry. I really can't put my finger on what it smells like exactly, but there is a tart note. Smells good all the same!

Lavender Gems ~ A sweeter lavender than most I have smelled. I liked this one particularly because of it's almost fruit like undertones.

Quality and Performance
 As far as I can tell, all of these soaps have the same ingredients. When you lather up your Vibrant Soap bar, the bubbles are going to feel soft and gentle. This is one softest lathers I have personally encountered and it is very evident that Tussah silk is an ingredient. I was blown away by how hard the bar was too. They were like rocks! Now, I will advise you to keep these lovely products out of the water. As they are so super soft when the water hits them, I find that the bars dissolve a little faster. I hopped out of my showers feel super luxurious and had really soft skin that still smelled like the fragrance of the soap, an extra bonus you don't often get with a handmade product that is yucky stuff free!

Art. It inspires us, it represents us. It creates emotion and draws people in. Clyde Yoshida does this with a 5 ounce bar of stuff that gets you clean. It's amazing what he can do with this medium and I am so excited to see what he creates next! It's absolutely fabulous to have had the pleasure of reviewing Vibrant Soap and I hope each and everyone of you check out his website and Facebook if not for any other reason but to stand in awe of his creativety

I hope you're having a fabulous summer! Watch the video review here!

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  1. Great Review Katie. I've admired the look of Clyde's soaps for a long time - amazing designs and swirls, so it's really interesting to find out what the fragrances are like too (and they sound fab!)


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