My Everyday Makeup

I've had quite a few requests for both my cat eye makeup and my everyday makeup and though I do not intend on doing many tutorials, I thought I could at least give you these two. So, here goes round one! Thanks for bearing with me on :P But you guys know how I love to chatter!

Hope you enjoyed it and I'll be seeing you on Royalty Soaps soon! 

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  1. Great video Kaite! I enjoyed a lot, and as always you are so cheerful! I can't help but smile.
    Your everyday makeup is very similar to mine. I tend to mostly wear brown and tan eye shadow. I don't like shimmery shadow as well and I do not like bright colors. And brown shadow brings out my brown eyes. I wear a bit of concealer, mascara, and like you I don't have a big need for blush!
    I hope you make some more beauty videos, I loved it.
    Have a great day and God bless.


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