New Year, New Me

I've seen this caption a lot lately on Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, or even in a conversation among friends and while I like the sentiment of starting things a fresh, dusting out the cobwebs of your mind, and resolving to become a better person in 2015, in reality, I will not be searching for a new Katie this year. Last year was quite easily the biggest learning curve of my life. My business grew substantially, I learned to handle relationships better, my ability to communicate with others continued to get better, and my confidence soared. Don't get me wrong, where there are mountains, there will be valleys. Some hardships in 2014 were small, some were huge and the difficult situations that I experienced (often self inflicted ;) left an impression on my year that can't be removed. But.

But, on the whole, when you step back and look at the big picture, I would not change a thing. Every little memory, be it lovely or difficult assisted me in growing. So, no. No new year, new me. I would much rather keep the old Katie and add to her.

So tell me. Do you feel the same?


  1. Don't ever change who you are. We all have our ups and downs and learning to overcome them make us that much stronger. I teach my sons that it is good to learn from their mistakes. It doesn't make them scared to try, it just makes them learn how to rise up from them. Good luck in 2015!


  2. This is such a great way to feel! I do feel the same way--last year was really difficult in all aspects, but this year I'm just excited to grow myself. (: Best of luck in 2015! I'm now old enough to live away from my parents, so I'm hoping to get a stable jobs and buy some of your gorgeous soaps! ^.^ I can't wait!!!

  3. Trying this again, ive tried to post a few times now it is not Love your post here you are spot on personally striving to be a better person is something i do on a daily basis so it would be a mute point to set this as a new years resolution.
    Just recently found your site and videos and all i can say is WOW, you girl are amazing, i have been researching soap making so that I can do this as a hobby with my 21 yr old daughter. I have always crafted with her but i have been very ill from open heart and strokes in the past couple of yrs, trying to keep my promise to her to do more with her. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and knowledge cannot wait to see more.


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