The Importance of Selflessness

The following quote describes me.

"Those who can soar to the highest heights can also plunge to the deepest depths and the natures which enjoy most keenly are those which also suffer most sharply.”
~Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of the Island

I am most often a genuinely happy and starry-eyed person. Life delights me, people delight me. Even the tiniest of things bring so much joy into my heart that I often dance because my body can't hold all of it or throw my hands into the air and squeal. If you want examples, ask the Cat or my Mother. Both of them know. Too many times have we walked into Hobby Lobby in search of a crafty item when I, like a preschool girl with new markers, spy a tiny thing. It may be a miniature ceramic pot for planting beans, or perhaps a canister of iridescent glitter but I can guarantee you one thing ; it's tiny. Up go my arms, out comes the cry of joy, and up and down go my feet! This is my life.

But there is another side, a dark, gloomy child. She is insecure, she is mournful, she feels the sorrows of the world to her very core. I know death. I won't speak much of this because it won't be any new revelation to you. I am a romantic, and as one, I struggle with keeping my emotions in check, be them negative or positive.

So what is my remedy? What do I do when depressed, when uninspired, when hopeless, or downcast? That's where the selflessness comes in. You see, for me, anxiety and despair are self-inflicted, problems very much driven by my mindset and outlook. If I can get outside of my own head, the skies start to brighten and everything looks a lot rosier. The fastest way for me to stop considering myself is to consider something else, someone else. If I give to others, share something with someone who has less than I do (there will always be someone who has less than you do) my mind is so busy with loving that person that I simply don't have time to cry about myself, nor do I want to after awhile. Giving, loving, sharing, hoping, and dreaming with people I love is a lot more satisfying emotionally than crying, being anxious, and fretting over my own troubles.

Now, does this remedy solve the crisis of the world? Of course not, you'd need something a touch more complicated, I do believe. But if this is just an everyday case of feeling blue, making a meal for an elderly lady in the apartment downstairs, kissing a baby sister or brother who has a skinned knee, helping a friend clean house, or even just going outside to pet a cat or dog who has been itching for affection all afternoon can be a very beneficial thing. :)

I hope this little quip makes you smile and want to love on someone.


  1. I discovered the exact same thing, Katie. I too get in downcast depressed moods. One day I realized it is nothing but myself feeling sorry for myself; and I realized if I totally forget myself and do something for someone else, just anything, whether it be making my brother a latte or giving my dog a bath or helping my mother with something, I forget about my lousy self and feel so much better.

  2. It is such a blessing that you have come to know this life-restoring truth; especially so young; especially in our culture where this is the antithesis of what is encouraged; especially as you are about to embark on what I know you seek to be a Christ-centered marriage. May you and Caleb keep encouraging each other, and others, with this truth - and may God continue to bless you in your new life together, always with Him in the center. :)


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