Royal Review ❖ Reeny's Butterflies, Blooms, and Bees

Beauty. Consistency. Eye for Detail.

If I had to sum up Reeny's Butterflies, Blooms, and Bees in three short phrases, those would be the ones I would pick. This company is a precise balance of the head and the heart. All of their packaging matches across the different product lines, their labels are neat and concise, and the variety of the ranges is excellent. There really is something for everyone! I could go on and on about how impressed I truly am, but I think that's what the video review is for. ;) Enjoy. 
(And go get some of her goodies! Like, now.)


  1. Stunning photos! These products look so lovely, I'd love to try the brand out <3

  2. Fantastic variety. I agree that having uniform packaging makes for a professional presentation. It does sound like she can do it all :)


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