Happy Christmas Eve - Win 12 Fragrance Oils!!

Woo hoo! It's Christmas Eve and I TOTALLY forgot to post the Rafflecopter on Sunday for the third installment of 5 weeks of giveaways. Nice, Katie. Way to go. But to make up for my poor memory, I actually changed how many fragrance oils to giveaway! Instead of 10, I'm doing 12! Yippee!! Enter using the widget below and good luck to all! :D

Fragrance Oils

Bramble Berry - Cedar and Amber
Bramble Berry - Cocoa Butter Cashmere
Bramble Berry - Clover and Aloe
Crafter's Choice - Aqua Spa
Crafter's Choice - White Tea
Crafter's Choice - Oakmoss
Crafter's Choice - Black Tie
Crafter's Choice - Absinthe
Nurture Soap - Blue Cotton Candy
Nurture Soap - Clean Laundry

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