About Me

So before I jump into the Royalty Soaps story, here's a tid-bit about me.

My name is Katie (short for Katherine) and love novels, letter-writing, cats, wax seals, popcorn, red lips and liquid eyeliner, vintage fashion, people who wink, and stormy days. I write poetry and short stories, decoupage, press flowers, and cross-stitch. I am also pretty darn good nail artist and can give a great massage! (just ask my mother, as she made use of that skill during her last four pregnancies almost every night!) I love both parents dearly and all of my younger brothers and sisters are beyond priceless! 

But don't think me some goody-goody. I've got my share of issues too. I can be pretty impatient and incredibly vain. I have a bad habit of stomping around the house when I'm supposed to be quiet, I very afraid of getting into the attic, (I won't do it!) and forgetting things that are important because I don't prioritize them. If you ask me to go find something I won't. I simply cannot find things that are right in front of my face.

As a conclusion, I am a romantic that's practical , I love to laugh , and I love living life!

And here's the condensed Royalty Soaps story.

When I was 16 years-old, my mother put me in a candle and soap making class. As I have always loved all things creative, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to add to my skills list. After one year, I decided that this was what I wanted to do. I started Royalty Soaps when I was 17 and used the first year to better my recipes, figure out how to run the books, and experiment with different ways to sell my products. You might be surprised to know that not many other soap makers were thrilled to have me join the craft. I made the mistake of telling my age to others and instead of receiving wonderful encouragement and advice, others would judge the quality of my products, question whether or not I should be doing the business, and even whether or not I was mature enough to handle the caustic substances. I was crushed. One lady even told me that the reason our US government is trying to put bans and restriction on bath/body product artisans was because of people like me. In other words, I wasn't welcome by the majority of the American soaping community. Fortunately, there were those who did believe in me and encouraged me to continue. I got off of all the forums and started doing all of my own research and experimentation. I didn't ask anymore question but simply tried it myself. Though I was hurt at first, I began to see how this was actually a blessing in disguise. I became more confident in what I was doing and my recipes and techniques got better and better. So here I am, almost another two years later, receiving so many orders I can hardly keep up, making more soap and bath bombs than I've ever made, selling wholesale, and enjoying the relationships that I have made along the way!

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