F & Q

How old are you?
21. My birthday is July 26th.

Who is the Cat?
The Cat is my beau, Caleb. He pops up in videos every now and then but is a little camera shy.

Who is the Queen?
My darling Mother. She is my Presents and Parcels buddy and my ultimate role model.

Whatcha filming on?
A Canon Rebel T5i with either my Sigma 30 mm F 1.4 lens or 18-55mm Canon lens. All videos are self-filmed unless I say otherwise.

Where do I buy your soaps?
At my Etsy Shop. There is a link in my profile sidebar.

Can I has yo' number?
Believe it or not, I don't have a phone. 

Do you share your recipes?
Occasionally I do share a recipe. Most videos that have one include either "How to" or "DIY" in the title.

How long have you been making soap?
Since September of 2010

Where is your soap cutter from?
Nurture Soap! You can buy one here.

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