Gross Soaps Set (Bread, Money, Pickle, and Bacon)

Gross Soaps Set (Bread, Money, Pickle, and Bacon)

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This set contains 4 artisan soaps. 

Fragrances :

Pickle -  Smells of pickle, parsley, and cucumber. 

Bread - This whole wheat bread fragrance smells just like freshly-baked bread; light on the yeast, and heavy on the crisp crust. 

Money - You can actually smell the cotton of the money, as well as the fresh ink top notes. 

Bacon - Smells like, well...exactly what it sounds like! 

About : Every small soap batch is created at the Royalty Soaps studio in Texas and every soap is shrink-wrapped and labeled. We take great pride in crafting our artisan bars and each one must pass a royal inspection before it can be packaged up and shipped to you! 

Weight : 

Pickle - 5 oz

Bread - 5 oz

Money - 5 oz

Bacon - 5 oz

To Use : Keep your soaps in a dry, ventilated area when not in use. By creating an ideal environment, your soaps will last far longer. If you think the actual soap is too big to hold, just cut it in half and use it for two bathrooms!

Ingredients : Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic and Sustainably Grown Palm Oil, Water, Lye, Canola Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Fragrance, Almond Oil, Skin-Safe Colorants, Kaolin

Ingredients vary by soap and are listed on each bar

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