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Island Vibes Sampler Pack

Island Vibes Sampler Pack

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This little mini sampler includes 5 small hand soaps, perfect for a guest treat or bathroom sink!

This set contains all 4 of the 2024 Island Vibes Collection Soap samples:

  • Save the Sea Turtles
  • Coral Reef
  • Coconut Soleil
  • Seashell Girl

The entire set is approx. 3-4 oz total.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rose Wigley
The BEST soap ever!!!

I love this soap! Katie’s YouTube videos are so addictive, too! ❤️

Claire Chenault
Typo in Product Description

I love the soaps as always, my one small complaint is that I ordered this sampler pack because the description mistakenly said it includes 5 soaps while the other samplers include 4. So I was a bit disappointed when it came in and there were only 4 soaps, as that was the whole reason I ordered this specific pack over others.

Wonderful Collection!

This whole set reminds me of a beach vacation. As a foodie/fruity fragrance person, my personal rankings 1) Coconut Soleil--I love coconut everything so I knew I would love this soap, and it didn't disappoint! It reminds me of a summer version of Solstice; 2) Save the Seaturtles--it was so fresh and clean smelling, with a little musk on the back edge--really beautifully scented; 3) Coral Reef--this smelled to me like one of those quaint little boardwalk candy stores along the ocean--lovely, sweet and candy like with a sort of "water" like edge which really made me feel like I was on vacation; and 4) Seashell Girl--this one also reminded me of a boardwalk shop or the scent of a freshly cleaned hotel room, if that makes any sense--some really fresh, florally notes.
I am always pleased with these samplers. Love every scent!

My delicate skin and delicate nose love your soap!

I have, over the years, bought more than one expensive soap only to find that I ended either sneezing or with irritated skin, but all of your soaps have smelled wonderful with nary a sniffle, and felt so silky and fantastic, and my skin loved them. I admit, I bought your stuff cautiously at first owing to the past experiences, but I as an artist, I fell in love with your approach to soap making and couldn't resist giving them a try. I'm sooo glad I did. Just wish I could afford to use it for everything! You do good work, so thank you for sharing.

Still love your soaps..

I do not get to watch your videos as often as I once did but I still love your soaps. My favorite is Winter Wonderland so THANK YOU for offering a whipped version so I don’t have to wait until winter to get that great fragrance! I tried the sampler this last time hoping the ocean themed soap would have the same fragrance as the older version of ‘Ocean Vibes’ but it was not to be. Could you please recreate Ocean Vibes with the soap pieces and the fragrance of abalone and sea sometime? It is my 3rd favorite 😍 after the winter wonderland and succulent soaps.