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Olive Branch Perfume Oil
Olive Branch Perfume Oil

Olive Branch Perfume Oil

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Fragrance :   Walk amidst the olive trees, a glass of cool ice water and lemon in your hand, and your imagination on your sleeve. The wind softly whispers secrets of days gone by, the warm air wraps you in a fond embrace, and relaxation is the order of the day. Juicy citrus fruits, leafy olive branches, a touch of musk, and just a hint of vanilla create this perfect fragrance.


About : Our perfumes are highly concentrated, long lasting, and absorb quickly without leaving any oily residue. We carefully blend fractionated coconut oil (a light, all-natural carrier) with potent, high-quality fragrance oils right here at the House of Carson to create the perfect perfume oil for you! The slim bottles fit perfectly in pockets, purses, hand bags, backpacks, and satchels.

Weight : 0.3 ounce (9ml)

To Use : Unscrew the cap and gently place finger over opening while turning the bottle upside down. Turn the bottle upright again and apply perfume to neck and wrists

Ingredients : Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance