About Our July 2024 Collection

About Our July 2024 Collection

This year, I'm turning 30 and while we typically make a soap collection to launch in July with a birthday theme, this year is a little different. I did make a reference to fun birthday festivities with the Birthday Cake Frosted Soap making a comeback from last year, the rest of the collection was created with fragrances/colorants/glitters we already have in our workshop and are leftover from previous collections.

It's pretty common knowledge that businesses, no matter the size, create waste. We are no exception and while we do our best to reduce that waste by donating our scraps, underweight soap bars, etc. to Eco - Soap Bank, we still have raw material leftovers from each month that expire if we don't use them up. So, this month I decided to challenge myself and not buy anything to make the designs.

I went through 50+ different fragrances, comparing the top, middle, and base notes and blending small amounts together to see if I could create some solid blends. My dad, Caleb, and I pulled out all the colorants that I rarely use and I spent a good deal of time carefully choosing the best ones for the designs I created. I ended up with 5 new designs and utilized soap stamps, botanicals, rarely used micas, etc. and using up a good bit of inventory that may have gone to waste. 

The amazing thing is that because I blended the scents, we ended up with a lots of bars with STRONG scent retention and really unique combos that are one of a kind, never to be created again! I love it when our soaps feel that much more special and this collection has a very important place in my heart. 

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