Where We Started

When Katie was 16, she learned to make soap. A year later, she started Royalty Soaps and made all the batches in her parent's garage. It didn't take long for her to start experimenting with soap as an art form. Soap cupcakes, soap with frosting, even soap with beads in the bar! (RIP Princess Bracelet Bars, you were so cool) Wanting to reach more people and be active in the soap community, Katie joined YouTube and began filming her soap batches! The rest is history, most of which you can still watch!

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Where We Are Going

Now, more than 10 years since making those first batches in the garage, the Royalty Soaps is staying true to our original mission : Loving People Through Soap! We provide of variety of sudsy products at multiple price points so everyone can experience the difference of handmade bath + body goodies! You can watch us hand make everything on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and we have free soap making resources for anyone who wants to try their hand at crafting their own soaps! Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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Collaborations & Charity

  • Bio Glitter

    We only use biodegradable, plastic-free glitter on our bath + body creations to help reduce the amount of plastics in our water system and preserve our natural enviroment. One of our fave glitter suppliers are The Good Glitter!

  • Eco-Soap Bank

    We send our soap scraps to Eco-Soap Bank, an incredible non-profit dedicated to saving and supplying soap to the developing world.

    Learn more about the process here!

  • Nature Conservancy

    For over 5 years, we have given to various nature-focused charities including Sea Turtle Conservancy, Coral Gardeners, and The Bee Conservancy. We care deeply for our planet and hope to increase awareness of these incredible efforts.

  • Mad Micas

    We knew that new soap makers would love a one-stop color shop, so we put together some beginner color sets with Mad Micas so you can sample a whole rainbow and make soap alongside our beginner YouTube series!