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"I use your soap exclusively when washing my hands now. For the first time in 17 years of being a hairdresser, my hands have not broken out in eczema.  I noticed a difference after 1 day.  After 1 week I was converted.  It is such a beautiful thing to not have to come home and use a prescription steroid cream!  I am such a believer I carry my soap to the restroom with me at work.  Thanks!"



" I have been showering using only your soap bars on my skin for 2 months now, and I have gone from using lotion daily to NOT AT ALL (with the exception of the hands that get washed all day because I work in a hospital). Before using your soaps I had a skin condition causing little bumps and ingrown hairs all over my arms. THEY'RE ALL GONE. My skin is more supple and clear than EVER before. Thank you!!!"

- Lisa G.

 "My fiance got me thunderstorm soap because I have been watching your videos. I love it. I feels so creamy and rich on my skin. Feels almost like lotion. It made my skin so soft and smell great too."

- Celina P.

"I have been watching Royalty Soaps on YouTube for a few months, I finally decided to order. I can not fathom the difference in my skin after one use. I no longer have to put tons of lotion on my skin to make it soft! My only regret is that I did not order sooner."

- Debbi K.

"So your order arrived this morning and even though I have been crafting soap since 1993....yep that's right....1993, we sat at our computer, at your website and counted down the last 10 seconds until your site went live and we could purchase your April release. I typed as fast as my lye withered fingers could type going from page to page until I found THE soaps! So, here we sit with a smile on my face and with your wonderful soaps in my hands. I mean, its not like I am surrounded by hundreds of soap curing right now or hundreds of soaps for sale in my retail soap shop or anything like that....I just needed to hold your soaps in my hands and look and touch it!! Oh yes!!!  Great soap Katie and friends."

- Marcia & Deborah.
(The soaping sisters at Marcia's Garden Soap Shop)


"I have splurged with buying a few bars when I can and was a little wary at first due to my horrible acne and sensitivity to smells and sensitive skin. However, my skin doesn't itch or breakout, and I don't get migraines from the scents but I can enjoy them. Very happy lady here :)

- Sami