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Our exclusive monthly sticker is only $3 and ships for free in the U.S. !nspired by the remake of "Glitterati."

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simplicity by Royalty Soaps Sticker

An adorable sticker inspired by our new, essential oil soap line!

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  • "...feels almost like lotion..."

    "My fiance got me thunderstorm soap because I have been watching your videos. I love it. I feels so creamy and rich on my skin. Feels almost like lotion. It made my skin so soft and smell great too."

    - Celina P.

  • "My skin is more supple and clear than EVER before..."

    " I have been showering using only your soap bars on my skin for 2 months now, and I have gone from using lotion daily to NOT AT ALL (with the exception of the hands that get washed all day because I work in a hospital). Before using your soaps I had a skin condition causing little bumps and ingrown hairs all over my arms. THEY'RE ALL GONE. My skin is more supple and clear than EVER before. Thank you!!!"

- Lisa G.

  • " sensitive skin doesn't itch..."

    "I have splurged with buying a few bars when I can and was a little wary at first due to my horrible acne and sensitivity to smells and sensitive skin. However, my skin doesn't itch or breakout, and I don't get migraines from the scents but I can enjoy them. Very happy lady here :)"

    - Sami

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Shampoo Bars

Sodium Laurel Sulfate Free

Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free

Biodegradable & Compostable Packaging

Eco - Conscious


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Conditioner Bars

All the goodies your hair craves in conditioner but without all the water and plastic packaging! Each bar lasts over 50 washes!

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A Family-Owned Small Business With A Mission to Elevate Your Bath Time

  • One-Of-A-Kind

    Every soap is handmade and we have six new designs every month so you never get bored of bath time!

  • Small Batch

    We make our products by hand in super small batches so every single product gets the love it deserves!

  • Giving Back

    We send our soap scraps to Eco-Soap Bank, an incredible non-profit. Learn more about the process here!

  • Quality Ingredients

    We take great pride in sourcing our ingredients and raw materials and love supporting fellow small shops!

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