Where can I find the "description box" you are always talking about in your videos?  I would like to purchase some of the tools/ingredients you used but I have no idea where to find the link!

We are so glad you are enjoying the videos!  Under each Royalty Soaps video on YouTube, you will see our logo, a little ad maybe, and then beneath that, on the left side, are the words "Show More" in light grey.  Click on that, and a bunch of information will be revealed.  This is called "The Description Box".  Scroll down until you see the list of tools or other information that you need.  Almost all of the products are linked, so all you have to do is click on what you want to purchase and it will take you to the purchasing location.

Do you teach classes?  I'm new at soap making and want to learn more! 

We're always glad to hear that others people are enjoying making soap!  We have always supported other soap makers and encourage everyone to give it a try!  There are 7 billion people out there who need to get clean!!

Though she doesn't teach classes, The Duchess has made some helpful videos that may assist you while you learn.  She has Q&A videos with lots of helpful tips, a video about her packaging process, and a video called "10 things to know before making soap".  Katie also shares tips from time to time in most of her videos so keep an eye out when you watch.

Can you help me with lye concentration and superfat percentages?

Below is Katie's basic recipe. It is compatible with (free!) and SoapMaker3 (purchasable) and have been listed in percentages for ease of batch configuration. Learning to read recipes in this format, understanding the basics of recipe formulation and ingredient significance, and general education about the saponification process is not only intrinsically valuable to making great soap but also helps keep you and your soap users safe! If you're having a hard time calculating your batch size based on the numbers below, we suggest studying the multiple, free soap making articles online about creating recipes, oil properties, etc. before taking the super fun plunge into the soap making pool!


Olive Oil – 40%

Coconut Oil – 30%

Palm Oil – 20%

Sweet Almond Oil – 5%

Castor Oil – 5%

Superfat – 5%

Lye Concentration (ie. Lye Solution Strength) – 35.2%

Can I purchase Katie's piping recipe without purchasing the piping kit?

No, we don't give out the piping recipe because we make it available exclusively to the customers who purchase the piping kit.  It's one of the many perks!

Would you please review my soaps/products if I send you a sample?

We're so glad you are having fun soap making and are trying new creations!  We'd love to see what you've made, and you are welcome to send us a sample, if you'd like! Please contact customer service about this particular request. Katie isn't currently doing review videos for other soap makers,  but she is always honored to receive the beautiful soaps others have made and occasionally features gifts on Instagram.

Still need help?

If the FAQ above did not answer your questions, you may ask help from our support team by contacting us directly via email.