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Love it

I love this option. It gives you a chance to try different ones without paying the full price. I also buy them so I can take a few on vacation and not have to worry about bringing full size products. I just wish there was a way we wouldn't get the same ones repeatedly.

My Update From Previous Feedback

I wanted to update my previous feedback with the actual use of the soap since I just enjoyed looking at it for awhile. It's so pretty! The weather has been in the 90's and very humid. I also have problem skin which is oily and sensitive so this was the perfect time to try it. Most soaps and body wash dry my skin and cause a burning sensation for a few hours. I cut the soap into four equal squares. It lathered well and I was pleased with the small amount needed. The soap was gentle, refreshing and smells so good. No dryness or burning! My skin felt clean and hydrated for the rest of the day. The water on the soap bar dried quickly and the soap retained it's original shape. I imagine it will last for quite some time so definitely worth the money. I highly recommend!

Beautiful as always!

I just got my soaps today (21st of June) after ordering them on the 7th of June - considering I live in Australia and shipping is always a wildcard here, this was well within the time period I allowed for delivery! I'm very grateful that Royalty Soaps ships to Australia considering they are a small business; I buy from other local soap artists as well but Katie's soap is always such a treat, especially when you're able to see how they're made on the youtube channel!
The soaps arrived beautifully packaged with a personalised sticker on the inside of the box which was a nice touch, and smell AMAZING with a good weight to them - I haven't used them yet, but I'm excited to have them add a lovely touch to my bathroom. I also liked that the Moss Soap has an extra layer of clear over the top of the gemstone to protect it for longer!
From one Katie to another, thanks Katie & team!!!

These make great thank you gifts!

I really enjoy getting these cute artisan soap samples! They smell so good!

Great product!

Wonderful scent. Great results!

Great deal! Great scents!

I love this deal and the soap is so amazing.

So nice I bought it twice.

I purchased the rasberry lemonade when they were first released and loved it. When I saw it was Still available I had to get it again. It's bright and sweet! It has all the vibes of summer.

The BEST soap ever!!!

I love this soap! Katie’s YouTube videos are so addictive, too! ❤️

Best quality! Return customer

Absolutely love the wax melts they smell fantastic! I ordered the wax melts previously and was not disappointed with my reorder!

Smells Great

Everything smells great and it is all items I have purchased before. Never let down when I order from Royalty Soaps.

Cotton Candy Sugar Scub

This smells wonderful! The scent lingers on your skin for awhile and makes your skin feel soft and smooth. I love it.

Not a first time buy

I wouldn't continue buying this shampoo bar if I didn't absolutely love it

Watermelon Hibiscus Wax Melt
Stephanie Gonzalez

Love the scents I bought fills the rooms.

Tidal Wave Diamond Soap
Claire Lovelle
Husband's favorite

My husband loves this soap! Tried a couple different ones because he's picky but he settled on this one maybe 2 years ago and has enjoyed it since. The scent is a very subtle men's cologne smell, almost like a fresh rain or a cedar chest but very muted. It's not overpowering at all. Reminds me of a very light version of the more water type scents from Old Spice which is what my husband used to use before swapping to Royalty Soaps. I can't speak to the lather, I'm not the one using it but if it's like any of the other soaps, it lather's wonderfully.

Best vanilla soap out there

This is my absolutely favorite soap from Royalty Soaps, hands down. It smells perfectly vanilla, think BBW warm vanilla sugar but without the excessively sweet or over-processed smell to it. I love the warmth to the scent without it being overpowering throughout the day, and yes it does last all day long. The lather is wonderful; I like my loofah to be a bit overly soapy and I've found I have to scrub other soaps much harder to get the same level of lather as Royalty's which I do not miss and it makes my skin super soft! I don't know how Katie does it but I will never stop buying this soap.

Amethyst Glass Soap
Christine Lattimer
Pisces soap for sure!

I love this soap. Will try to get more before it runs out. Wish it was a regular!

Watermelon Sugar Scrub
Christine Lattimer
It was Amazing! My daughter took the rest home she loved it so much.

My daughter took the rest home she loved it so much.


Amazing soaps thank you so much


Sweet and fruity

Great Scent!

This is such a lovely perfume! First off, I adore the roller-ball application--I have never had a perfume in that sort of packaging, and wow--is it just a delight to apply. The scent is just the right balance of strong and light, not overwhelming, but definitely "there," for me anyways. As a fruity/foodie smell lover, I couldn't believe how much I loved this particular scent (and plan on purchasing the matching soap and lotion at some point)! It definitely has beach or tidal pool vibes.

Will buy again!

This bar smells great, exactly as described, but it's not overpowering. It lathers really well and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. It's a very solid and thick bar, so I'm optimistic it'll last a while but when it does run out I'll be sure to reorder!

Functionality and artistry! 🩷

My beautiful handmade soap bars from Royalty Soaps are a pure delight! Rich lather with refreshing scents, the bars leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized. A perfect blend of functionality and artistry. Thank you! 🌺

Really intriguing little soaps...

I bought this set cos I've only bought two of the Simplicity bars so far and was dying for the chance to try out the others. With excellent results:
1) Detox - Great zingy-but-not-medicinal scent and the charcoal gives it an appealing soft/gritty texture, like very fine sandpaper. Not usually a fan of black soaps, but might need to make an exception.
2) Citrus & Carrots - both colour and scent are gentle and pretty, fainter than I'd like but would probably be ideal for those with sensitivities.
3) Minted - boy howdy is *this* scent strong, a fine clean spearmint. Colour/texturing is nice too... it just all takes a bit of getting used to.
4) Lavender Cream - one of the two I bought prior. Decent basic lavender soap, I like the organic purple colouring conceit, but can't quite get excited otherwise.
5) Rose Clay - the other one I've bought, a few times now. It's easily the most beautiful of the set and the (strong) scent is both clean and sweet.
6) Blameless - Well, yeah. I like the idea of a perfectly pure soap, and impressed that (unlike some I've seen) it doesn't look or smell odd at all. If I needed it I'm confident I'd love it.

Great soap

I absolutely love the frosted soaps and sugar scrubs if there's ever a peppermint sugar scrub I would definitely get it!

Island Vibes Sampler Pack
Claire Chenault
Typo in Product Description

I love the soaps as always, my one small complaint is that I ordered this sampler pack because the description mistakenly said it includes 5 soaps while the other samplers include 4. So I was a bit disappointed when it came in and there were only 4 soaps, as that was the whole reason I ordered this specific pack over others.