How do I purchase the soaps I saw you make on YouTube? When is your next release?

As of August 2018, we will be releasing our new creations the first Monday of each month, 8pm CST.  In every video it is clarified when/if the soapy creation will be available to purchase at the following release.

I just went to your website and you are sold out of almost everything!  What happened?

We often sell out of our high-top soaps within a few hours, and many of our other products sell out as the month progresses.  Because our products are hand-crafted and have a cure time, we create them all during the month and release all of our inventory for sale on the first Monday of the month.

Your website has a countdown on it, and I can't access my account.  What's going on?

On the week before we restock, we put our website/shop "on vacation".  We are busy creating the new listings for all the products.  Though you won't be able to access your account during this time, it will be available as soon as the shop "goes live" at 8pm CST on the first Monday of the month.

Items were stolen out of my cart before I could complete checkout!  What happened?

We're so sorry that happened to you, but there is an explanation, and here it is:

When multiple people are shopping, and they all have the last of a particular product in their cart, one of them will complete checkout before the others, and that person will get the item.  That product will now be considered "sold out", and the other customers will have the item removed from their carts as there are no more available.

Why did my items not arrive within 2 days if I have "2 day" shipping?

Short answer:  We have a 1-3 day processing period with which to fulfill your order and then, once it leaves our care, Priority Mail with USPS ships 1-3 days.

Long answer:  See our shipping page!

I tried to purchase last month, but when I got to your store, everything was sold out. How do I purchase?

Our soaps FLY off the shelves and we sell out of most artisan products within an hour or two of the release time. We are currently increasing our production to create even more customer satisfaction!  That being said, we do have some customers that manage to purchase a bar of every single soap on every single release day. They do this by setting alarms on their phone, creating an account, and setting their shipping address BEFORE the time of the release.

Do you ship worldwide?

YES!!!  For more information, go to our "Shipping and Related Charges" page.

Do you accept wholesale orders / custom soap requests?

No, we do not.  Eventually, we may offer wholesale prices for some of our products, but at this time we do not take custom requests, private labels, or create Cold Process Artisan Soap loaves. We work hard to satisfy our "Royal Court", and feel we need to put all our efforts, at this time, toward creating top-quality products for our shop customers.  We will make an announcement on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube if we begin accepting wholesale and custom orders, and it will only be on a national level. 

Additionally, we reserve the right to limit order quantities.

Oops! I've mailed my package to the wrong address! Can you send a replacement?

I'm terribly sorry but, as business owners, there is no way for us to verify this claim. It is your responsibility, as the buyer, to make sure your address is correct and if a mistake has been made, to notify us ASAP via the Contact Us page so we can change it on the shipping label, if possible. Once the products leave our care, they are not our responsibility and we must therefore ask that you repurchase your order.


Do you send PR or free goodies to Bloggers, YouTubers, Etc.?

No, we do not. Regardless, thanks for being interested in our company and we hope that you take the leap and invest in us as fellow creators! Feel free to let us know if you publish any blog posts/video reviews/ig pictures/etc., so we can share on our social media too! You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours! 

Help! My package has arrived damaged/has the wrong products/is missing products/etc.!

Oh no! Please contact us via the "Contact Us" page and we will do our best to make things right ASAP!

 Do you teach classes?  I'm new at soap making and want to learn more! 

We're always glad to hear that others people are enjoying making soap!  We have always supported other soap makers and encourage everyone to give it a try!  There are 7 billion people out there who need to get clean!!

The Duchess has made some helpful videos that may assist you while you learn.  She has Q&A videos with lots of helpful tips, a video about her packaging process, and a video called "10 things to know before making soap".  Katie also shares tips from time to time in most of her videos so keep an eye out when you watch.👀

Can you help me with lye concentration and superfat percentages?  And what can you suggest to help me pipe like a pro?

Below is Katie's basic recipe. It is compatible with soapcalc.net (free!) and SoapMaker3 (purchasable) and have been listed in percentages for ease of batch configuration. Learning to read recipes in this format, understanding the basics of recipe formulation and ingredient significance, and general education about the saponification process is not only intrinsically valuable to making great soap but also helps keep you and your soap users safe! If you're having a hard time calculating your batch size based on the numbers below, we suggest studying the multiple, free soap making articles online about creating recipes, oil properties, etc. before taking the super fun plunge into the soap making pool!

Olive Oil – 40%
Coconut Oil – 30%
Palm Oil – 20%
Sweet Almond Oil – 5%
Castor Oil – 5%
Superfat – 5%
Lye Concentration (ie. Lye Solution Strength) – 35.2%
If you would like access to Katie's piping information, you can go go to Nurturesoap.com (or click here).   They offer a wonderful package deal on her piping tip set which includes exclusive piping videos and Katie's piping recipe!!


Would you please review my soaps if I send you a sample?

We're so glad you are having fun soap making and are trying new creations!  We'd love to see what you've made, and you are welcome to send us a sample, if you'd like, to the PO Box address listed in our contact section on YouTube.  Katie isn't currently doing review videos for other soapmakers,  but she is always honored to receive the beautiful soaps others have made and occasionally features gifts on Instagram.