The Inspiration For Cosmic Fairytale

The Inspiration For Cosmic Fairytale

While browsing Pinterest and thinking about 2020 soap themes, I happened upon some beautiful, galaxy-inspired images. I started a new board and as I explored, a story began to weave itself in my imagination...

 It started with a girl, an extraordinary girl, who saw a boy in the sky and went on an ethereal journey of determination and self-discovery to rescue him. She would fly through the heavens, overcoming obstacles and meeting beings she had never even known existed. In the end, he would be free and true love would conquer everything. A wedding feast is given, peace is restored, and our two lovers are established as king and queen of a celestial kingdom. 

I wanted very much to leave certain aspects vague so that you, the reader and soap connoisseur, can imagine your own happy ending while I simply provide you with material to ponder and spark happy thoughts!

The Artisan Soaps


First is Solar System. This is our throwback design and while it is much the same with bright, neon planets and a swirling nebula of electric green and blue, I changed the fragrance to Dark Crystal, a Bramble Berry scent designed for the Celestial collection. It smells so incredibly deep and complex. This is the first soap as I knew our heroine must first leave earth and enter space before her real adventure began!


Next is Celestia. Inspired by the crescent-shaped spaceport Treasure Planet, this soap features a fragrance dupe of a Chanel scent, Blue de Chanel. It's a little spicy and a very pleasing blend of fresh and minty with warm undertones. While I wanted to pay homage to a favorite childhood film, I also knew our heroine needed a bigger ship once she got to space so what better place than a spaceport to not only acquire a ship but perhaps a cut throat crew too...


She needs a place to stay, this traveling girl of ours. Is it her lover's castle? Is it an abandoned one she finds along the way? That's not for me to decide, but one thing I do know is that it is encrusted with gems and galactic stones, the windows are veiled with glowing pieces of cosmic fabric, and the beds are made of heaven's clouds.


A tribute to the classic toy Lite Brite, this soap is a holographic, dark rainbow with a gorgeous essential oil blend of five citruses for the ultimate zingy fragrance! Ever since my completely holographic soap top in July, I have been scheming to bring it back someone and this collection seemed the perfect opportunity!


This is one of my favorite gemstone soaps I've ever made! I have a resolution to make a birthstone soap each month this year and it feels great to start it off with a bang! The deep reds and black soap frosting pairs really with our signature Blood Moon scent and I hope our January babies love what I envisioned for them!


With our lovers united and evil defeated, it's time to celebrate with the ultimate cosmic wedding feast! I wanted this scent to be uplifting and joyful so I chose a blend of lime, peppermint, and spearmint to invigorate and set the festive mood! Also, I absolutely love using colors that aren't traditional for the leaves and berries, in the future I might make a King Midas soap and make them gold!!

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