Shipping and Related Charges

I live in a country far away.  Do you ship to me?  How much will it cost?

We're so glad you found us!!  We ship "worldwide" so if USPS ships to you, then we do too!  You can double check by preparing a "fake order" in our shop and continue until you are able to enter your shipping information.  That will give you a total cost for your location, according to the weight of what you would like to purchase, so you can make a more informed decision about shipping rates.

Your shipping seems a little expensive.  Can you offer discounts of some kind?

In a word, no, we can't.  We have shopped around for the best deal for our customers and at this time, USPS offers us the lowest prices for care of our products.  If we find a better shipping option, know that we will begin using it and pass that savings on to you!!

I made three different purchases on the same day, being mailed to the same address.  Can you refund some of my shipping costs and package them together?


Yay!  There was a refund from you credited to my account!  But I'm not sure why it is there.  Was there a problem?

As of April 1st, we are testing a new process combining orders going to the same address, and refunding any overages for those who qualify.  We will always look for ways to save our customers shipping costs without compromising quality, and we hope this will be another way we can serve you. 

Please note:  International orders do not qualify!!

We are glad you were able to get the soaps you desired, and understand why someone would order three times in one day.  However, due to the way shipping labels and weights of packages are tallied and the nature and restraints of our business, some of you will not qualify for this service and we cannot combine orders or refund those shipping costs.

I purchased 2 day shipping and it's been three days but my package hasn't arrived!!  Why?

USPS Priority Mail offers "1-3 day shipping".  How many days a package will actually take to get to you depends on where you live in relation to us.  Sometimes there are issues with weather that delay USPS along certain routes.  Also, be advised that we require 1-3 business days for processing,       ( 5-7 days for high volume seasons like Christmas), so after your package is picked up from our location, it should arrive in another 1-3 business days.  For more information, go to the USPS Priority Mail page here.

If there is another reason for the delay, or if USPS has "lost" your package, you will need to contact them.  As you know, once a package leaves our care, we transfer responsibility to them, and will only have access to the same tracking information you have been sent.

Oh No!  I entered the wrong address on my order!!  Can you help?

Maybe!!  Quick - send us an email through our "Contact Page" and we'll correct the mistake if your order has not been processed.  If it has, we're sorry for your loss, and you will have to reorder.
To avoid this error, we encourage you to create an account on our website, even if you aren't going to purchase at this release.  It is free to do so, and will save you time in the future when you do order.

I live in the UK and there were extra charges I had to pay before I could received my parcel!  What gives?

Boy are we sorry about this issue! 

The problem you are experiencing with additional shipping charges is a UK Royal Post issue.  They add on extra charges once the package is in your country.  Our postal service will return packages to our address if the US based charges for shipping are insufficient.
Here is some information from the page:

Value Added Tax (VAT) - Import VAT is charged at the same rate that applies to similar goods sold in the UK and applies to commercial goods over £15 in value, and on gifts that are over £39 in value. However, please note that commercial consignments sent to the UK from the Channel Islands don’t benefit from any relief of import VAT. The value of the goods for import VAT is based on the:

  • basic value of goods, plus
  • postage, packing and insurance, plus
  • any import (Customs or Excise) duties charged

The limits for customs duty and import VAT are:

  • commercial consignments, that is, goods you have purchased, of £15 or less are free from Customs Duty and import VAT. Note: This doesn’t include alcohol, tobacco products, perfume or toilet waters, these items are excluded from the relief of duty and VAT at import. In addition, commercial consignments sent to the UK from the Channel Islands don’t benefit from any relief of import VAT
  • if you’re sent a gift with a value of £39 or less, which complies with the rules shown in paragraph 2.4, it will be free from Customs Duty and import VAT (gifts of alcohol, tobacco, perfumes and toilet waters are subject to the limits shown in paragraph 2.5, while gifts of perfumes and toilet waters are subject to the limits in paragraph 2.6)
  • Customs Duty becomes payable if the value of the goods is over £135

In summary:

Goods Value* Customs Charges applicable
£0.01 to £15 - No customs duty
- No Import VAT**
£15.01 to £135 - No customs duty
- Import VAT due
£135.01 and greater - Customs duty due,
- Import VAT due
To find out if your parcel will be charged this extra fee, and for more information about extra charges in the UK, you can search the page where this information was found Here.