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Birthday Bash Sampler Pack

Birthday Bash Sampler Pack

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This little mini sampler includes 6 small hand soaps, perfect for a guest treat or bathroom sink!

This set contains all 6 of the 2024 Birthday Bash Collection Soap samples:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Mermaid Tails
  • Kitchen Lemon
  • Sea Glass Waves
  • Grapefruit Lemongrass
  • Lavender & Honey

The entire set is approx. 4-5 oz total.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Petra Shiffer
Little delights

I love getting the sample packs. They are like little treats for my skin.

Katie H.
Always amazing

I have always loved every single product I've purchased. I've never liked bar soaps until I tried Royalty Soaps bars and I'm obsessed. Everyone I've gifted them to also loves them. I've tried many different variety of products and they're all amazing. I will continue to purchase for as long as I can.

Michelle McCullum
Absolutely Amazing

I love the different soaps that are available. I always buy the sample packs for travel and little hand soaps. I like how the scents are always pleasant and the soap isn't irritating to the skin.

Sandra K
Soap Samplers

I knit up face cloths, pair them up with a soap sample and gift them to friends. They all love them.


I just adore these samplers of the larger collection launches. So, my personal faves: 1) Birthday Cake--I was anticipating this to be towards the top--it didn't disappoint--it reminds me of birthday cake ice cream, that sweet, vanilla-y scent, with a slight fruity maraschino cherry edge that differentiates it from generic b-day cake scents, absolutely fabulous; 2) Kitchen Lemon--as a citrus lover, and specifically a lemon lover, this smells exactly like it's name, with a slightly sweet tinge; 3) Mermaid Tails--I love the Lagoon-scented products, so I was not surprised this was towards the top for me; 4) Sea Glass Waves--delightful overtones of musk, but a little "earthier" and grassier than Mermaid Tails, I was surprised with this one--it is very pleasant and reminds me of July; 5) Lavender + Honey--the strong floral pairs lovely with the delicate, sweet, yet homier honey--this seemed to be a stronger lavender smell than other RS products, but it is definitely delightful; and 6) Grapefruit + Lemongrass--sharp and edgy, with a strong grassy backsplash, this was giving me freshly cut lawn vibes with a glass of some sort of citrus-y drink--very unique. You can't go wrong with a sampler!