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Juicy Fruits Sampler Pack

Juicy Fruits Sampler Pack

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This little mini sampler includes 5 small hand soaps, perfect for a guest treat or bathroom sink!

This set contains all 5 of the 2024 Juicy Fruits Collection Soap samples:

  • Frozen Margarita
  • Peaches and Vanilla
  • Blueberry Milk
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry Kiwi

The entire set is approx. 3-4 oz total.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So good!!!

I've followed Royalty Soaps for a few years over on YouTube and finally decided I couldn't live without some soaps. The frozen margarita and raspberry lemonade ones are my absolute favorites so far. Super pleased with the scent payoff from these soaps! And the lather feels like butter.

Clara Trentacosta
Everything was a hit

I love these as the help me test which ones I'm not gonna be allergic to before buying a bigger one for me and my friends to use around the apartment.

One Of My Favorite Collections!

I knew I was going to love this collection from the name alone, and it did not disappoint! I adore foodie/fruity scents--so this collection is particularly hard to rank. I loved all of them equally, but as points of comparison: 1) Strawberry Kiwi--spot-on, somehow even manages to capture the leaf scent of the Strawberry with the "green" kiwi smell overlay--I did not expect this to be towards the top of my list! And the poppy seeds were an absolutely delightful touch; 2) Frozen Margarita--again, another surprise! I was not at all expecting this to be towards the top. The lime/ice-y notes were perfection; 3) Blueberry Milk--this was the scent I most anticipating, and it smelled just like it's name (capturing both creamy and blueberry notes); 4) Raspberry Lemonade--another one that smells exactly like it's name. It reminded me of the fresh-squeezed stuff you might get at the fair; 5) Peaches and Vanilla--this guy is a bit more subtle than the rest. It has that very fresh, distinct peach smell, and the vanilla notes help round that edge. Overall, a complete win for this collection.

Kerrie Mills
Great idea and great soaps

Can I just start by saying what a great idea these themed sample packs are? I only wanted one full bar out of this collection, but was dying to smell all of them, and here we are:
--Peaches & Vanilla: This is a more interesting one than you'd expect from the description. I'm not actually getting vanilla, more of a spiced peach with notes of citrus.
--Strawberry-Kiwi: Surprisingly accurate! So... took a few sniffs to get the hang of the sweet/tart mix. Once I did though, it was great, can't wait to use it in the shower.
--Raspberry Lemonade: Mm-mm, nice! Bright citrus with just the right amount of sweetness behind. My favourite of the ones I didn't buy... but now plan to.
--Frozen Margarita: Perfect. An exact dupe of the drink itself - as others have mentioned, right down to the frost. Amazing, no notes.
--Blueberry Milk: The one I bought. Candy-sweet with a hint of real blueberry tang, exactly what I was hoping for. Glad to have more of it.