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Lagoon Perfume Oil

Lagoon Perfume Oil

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Fragrance : This scent smells of juicy mandarin, sandy jasmine, oceanic mist, beach waves, and wee hint of magic. 

About : Our perfumes are highly concentrated, long lasting, and absorb quickly without leaving any oily residue. We carefully blend fractionated coconut oil (a light, all-natural carrier) with potent, high-quality fragrance oils right here at the House of Carson to create the perfect perfume oil for you! The slim bottles fit perfectly in pockets, purses, hand bags, backpacks, and satchels.

Weight : 0.3 ounce (9ml)

Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Scent!

This is such a lovely perfume! First off, I adore the roller-ball application--I have never had a perfume in that sort of packaging, and wow--is it just a delight to apply. The scent is just the right balance of strong and light, not overwhelming, but definitely "there," for me anyways. As a fruity/foodie smell lover, I couldn't believe how much I loved this particular scent (and plan on purchasing the matching soap and lotion at some point)! It definitely has beach or tidal pool vibes.

Clean scent that never leaves you

Like someone else mentioned. The staying power of this scent in particular is incredible! (I have four of them to compare to)
I sweated my way through 7 hours of a brutal DnD encounter and it still smelt like I’d just applied! It’s clingier than my toes on my crumbling Birkenstocks that should have been retired 8 years ago.
I’d liken the scent to when you get a coupon to a fancy spa and you come out feeling the most clean and pampered you’ve ever felt in your life. It’s more of the feel but also that cleanliness part is liken the scent to, it smells very clean.
I’m normally a sweet scent person so I layer this with other fragrances to bring a note of sweetness but even my other, far more expensive, scents fade and leave only this scent! It’s a lovely scent and probably my second favourite of the four I have.

Kirsti Herald
Nice smell great for layering

The staying power of this oil is fantastic. I wasn’t super sure about the scent at first. I liked it but didn’t love it but I gave it 5 minutes to warm up and settle into my skin and OMG! New favorite! I also LOVE to layer this with tidal wave and I feel like I’m in heaven when I wear them together.


This perfume oil perfectly captures the feeling of being at the beach in a scent. I would definitely like to smell like this for the rest of my life.