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The Party Era Full Collection

The Party Era Full Collection

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This listing is for the following 5 soaps:

🎂 Birthday Cake Frosted Soap - Unravel the complex aromas of this soap that whisper of Almond, Apple, Cherry, Orange, Jasmine, Geranium, and Rose.

💧 Teardrops Frosted Soap - Imagine being transported to a blossoming sea garden each time you use this soap, rich with the scents of Sea Moss, Melon, Agave, Passionflower,  Açaí, Aloe, Coconut, Bark, Teakwood, and Amber.

🌙 Midnights Frosted Soap - Topped with a rainbow aura quartz stone, this soap smells of stargazing and wistful sighs. It also smells of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Thyme, White Tea, Nutmeg, Rose, Honey, Tuberose, and Jasmine.

✨ Enchanted Artisan Soap - Topped with a banded amethyst stone, this soap is fragranced with a gorgeous blend of Lavender, Lemon Zest, Orange, Carbonation, Spicy Bergamot, Mint, Apple, and Rosewood.

💎 In My Era Artisan Soap - Topped with a piece of tumbled opalite, let this soap enrapture you with notes of White Peach, Orange, Champagne, Kiwi, Strawberry, Lemon, Gardenia, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Anjou Pear, and Soft Musk. 


🎁 The Party Era sticker and a friendship bracelet are both included in this bundle as exclusive gifts!🎁


About : Every small soap batch is created at the Royalty Soaps studio in Texas and every soap is shrink wrapped and labeled. We take great pride in crafting our artisan and frosted bars and each one must pass a royal inspection before it can be packaged up and shipped to you!

To Use : Keep your soaps in a dry, ventilated area when not in use. By creating an ideal environment, your soaps will last far longer. If you think the actual soap is too big to palm, just cut it in half and use it for two bathrooms!

Ingredients : Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic and Sustainably Grown Palm Oil, Water, Lye, Castor Seed Oil, Canola Oil, Fragrance, Almond Oil, Skin-Safe Colorants, Kaolin, and Eco-Friendly Glitter

(The Midnights Frosted Soap also contains poppy seeds.)

Customer Reviews

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Love, love, love In My Era Soap!

Truly wish the In My Era soap was offered all the time. The soap is wonderful as always, but this fragrance is the best. So beautiful too! Wish I would have bought more!

Lovely Variety

The soaps are a wonderful collection and the bracelet was an excellent touch.

Kayla B.
Great quality !

The soaps smell and feel incredible! I LOVE the stones that come on top.

Kay Grant

My daughters love this collection and the fun way it was packed. We have always been extreme!y happy with your products. We did learn if we order body scrubs in hot weather to go for the fastest shipping.

Maddie Anderson
Beautiful Present and Presentation!

I bought The Party Era Collection for my mom's birthday, because she loves Taylor Swift so much. When she opened the packaging up with all the little confetti pieces she immediately said 'oh this gives me Taylor vibes!' even before she knew what it was, which made me extremely happy. She loved the soaps and the stickers and bracelet so much, it was the best present I could have hoped to give her. Thank you for pouring your love into every piece of this bundle, down to the packaging!